June 29 - July 1, 2007

Some Family History

Photographs From the 2004 Reunion:

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Our 2004 Reunion was an effort to create an authentic Irish gathering experience. Thanks to family members from afar, and family and participants from the island---it was a perfect expression of an Irish gathering. In fact, an Irish gathering of 1,000 or many more years ago would have had the same elements as our Reunion.

The main gatherings were a Friday evening social in the Emerald Isle Hotel, a Saturday afternoon Mass in Holy Cross Church for intentions of all the descendants of Anthony and Sophia O'Donnell, and after Mass a dinner and social evening in the parish Hall. A little over 70 attended the dinner party Saturday evening, but from the lively spirit, abounding joy,
laughter, and enthusiasm, you would think there were many, many more. The hall danced--- radiating warmth, caring and love. The feeling of many: "Now, wasn't that a party", and it certainly was! But then, the whole weekend was quite wonderful. And for those able to stay a bit longer---it was immensely rewarding with air tours, nature walks, history gatherings and so welcome relaxation

Destination: Paradise Bay, the town of St. James. This Island is rich in meaning and history for our family. The Irish arrived to settle in 1856 after the disintegration of the Mormon Community. Here the Irish found a haven from fear, famine and flight. The Irish came principally from Arranmore Island, Donegal, and others from County Mayo. Later German, Scandinavian, and French settlers joined them, these all-becoming one close, caring, integrated community.

Early arrivals aboard the Beaver Islander, the smaller of two ships bringing family members, with the Welcoming Banner. Each arriving by boat was greeted by many happy faces, with lots of hugs.

"Princess" Sondra with Galen, Pierce & Trevor

Felix Pointing the way & Fr. Dennis.

The warmth and joy of this group happy to be together.

A more settle, yet jubilant group of arrivals on the dock.

Photos by: Steve Correll–SC; Joe O'Donnell–JOD; Mary Margaret O'Donnell–MMOD;
Jim Sunkes–JS; Chris O'Donnell–COD; Rose Ann Deford–RAD

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