June 29 - July 1, 2007

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Photographs From the 2004 Reunion:

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Where in the World Is Beaver Island?
Beaver Island is located on Lake Michigan, about 30 miles north of Charlevoix.

The Emerald Isle. Photo by Joseph O'Donnell, 2001

Getting There:

The Island is accessible by ferry from Charlevoix. The trip takes two hours and cars and bikes can be brought over. For more informatoin, see - the Beaver Island Boat Company's web site.

If you're unseaworthy, the Island is also accessible from Charlevoix by plane. For more information, see - Island Airways' web site. The trip takes 15 minutes! (Or the Island has a second airline now, Fresh Air Aviation, that lands at the west side airport.)

Beaver Island Harbor - the view from our ancestors' Peter and Mayme O'Donnell's house on Beaver Island. Photo by Joseph O'Donnell, 2001