June 29 - July 1, 2007

Some Family History

Photographs From the 2004 Reunion:

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On Holy Cross Church grounds is this memorial to honor our deceased. Our Inscription: "Thanking God, Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell Family". Another is for "Walter Patrick O'Donnell". A beautiful setting!

Three Musketeers: James O'Donnell Sunkes and Jim & Pete O'Donnell. Ready and eager to come to the aid of the distressed.

Most assembled for a photo after Mass said for the intensions of the extended family Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell. We were joined with island friends and relations for the Saturday evening Dinner Party. (Larger Image)

Aidan McMurray, Joe O'Donnell & Princess Emma McMurray.

Dear Emma is 4 1/2 wonderful years old - so full of love, of unpredictability, of spontaneous, contagious enthusiasm.

After the drawing of two names of the 3rd great Grandchildren of Anthony and Sophia O'Donnell for an educational award, the rest, 15 or 16, were given an envelope too, so that noone would be left out. Emma on opening her envelope ran to her mom and said, "Look Mom a dollar" (It was more than a dollar.) Noreen, Emma's mom, said that she should thank Uncle Joe. Emma immediately ran right up on stage to give me a hug.

Children are our most precious treasure!


Stella O'Donnell with her award, a Gem Tree for her interest, encouragement and support for all family activities and projects. And for just being so special.

Laura Elliott with her award, also a Gem Tree for her interest in the extended family and for diligence in searching old records and history. Laura, too, is a very special person.

The Gem Trees represent family genealogical trees with the stones symbolizing the preciousness of each person and of each family.


Sondra, Trevor (almost 6) & Pierce (7) O'Donnell getting started. The Blond hair in front is Emma McMurray. Emma (4 1/2) pulled her chair up front and was enthralled even with the adults speaking.

Grand Kids of Walter & Stella O'Donnell with Joe O'Donnell. L to R: Julie, Michael, Joe, Chris, Katie, Kevin, Laura, Kristin

Photos by: Steve Correll–SC; Joe O'Donnell–JOD; Mary Margaret O'Donnell–MMOD;
Jim Sunkes–JS; Chris O'Donnell–COD; Rose Ann Deford–RAD

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